About Todd & Jennifer

Todd and jennifer CullingsHusband and wife team Todd & Jennifer Cullings share a passion for nature and Mount St. Helens. As a Park Ranger, Todd has spent almost 30 years educating, entertaining and inspiring visitors of the volcano.  Jennifer works as a full-time artist, traveling to shows to sell their artwork and gather commissions.  The couple recently relocated from the foothills of Mount St. Helens to Bryce, Utah.

Todd works in watercolor, using various plant forms in his painting process to create textures.  Jennifer works in watercolor pencil, which she uses to draw and paint with to create layers for depth and textures.  You can follow Jennifer on Facebook for news about her latest work.

Why we chose Red Zone for our name
When Mount St. Helens awoke, a “safety perimeter” was established for the public before the May 18, 1980 eruption. This designated restricted zone was called the “Red Zone.” The Culling’s home was located far from this original“safety perimeter,” but only 6 miles from the edge of what became the devastating Mount St. Helens blast zone.

Todd applied for and got a position at Bryce and we have relocated to Bryce, Utah!  We are, of course, sad to leave the rugged, natural beauty of the Mount St. Helens region, but we are excited for the new creative possibilities around our new home.